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  1. 1.Do you experience ringing or noises in your ears?

  2. 2.Do you hear better with one ear than the other?

  3. 3.Do you have any relatives with hearing loss?

  4. 4.Is it difficult for you to follow conversations in a restaurant or crowded room?

  5. 5.Do you feel you don’t enjoy some of the activities you used to because you avoid them? (Not going to theater anymore, not going out with friends as often as you used to)?

  6. 6.Do you find men’s voices are easier to understand than women’s voices?

  7. 7.Do you experience difficulty understanding softly spoken speech?

  8. 8.Is hearing from a distance more difficult than it used to be?

  9. 9.Have family or friends commented on your inability to hear or understand?

  10. 10.Has anyone told you your TV is too loud?

• If you answered “YES” to even one question, you may

  need a hearing evaluation!

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