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Our staff is comprised of very kind, caring individuals who are there to make you comfortable and to make things convenient for you.

When you need any services, we can offer you a same-day appointment or within 24 hours if you prefer!  You shouldn’t have to wait to be taken care of when it comes to your hearing!

Our in-house lab also enables us to fix many hearing instruments while you wait – no need to send  the hearing instrument away!


One in every 10 Americans has some form of hearing loss.

That’s 28 million people!

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Whether you need a hearing test, hearing aids or musician’s ear plugs, we offer a wide variety of services for your convenience. 

Call us today for a complete list of services or to make an appointment.

The Hearing Spa has an extensive, personalized Aural Rehabilitation program.  We work closely with you one-on-one to ensure your hearing is greatly improved and your experience is a pleasant one!  No additional fees exist for our Aural Rehab program.  We believe it is an integral part of your satisfaction with your new hearing instruments!