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Beginning with video otoscopy, we examine your ear canal and ear drum (tympanic membrane) to detect things such as ear wax (cerumen), fluid accumulation or perforations of the ear drum.  The image will appear on a television monitor so you will be able to see what we see!  Should we find any of these things, you will be referred to an Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) physician for medical diagnosis and treatment. 

Next, tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing are accomplished and tell us a great deal about how the middle ear functions (this includes the ear drum and the 3 little bones behind it that vibrate and transmit sounds to the cochlea, which is where most “nerve” hearing loss occurs).  Any abnormal findings will also be referred to the ENT physician.

We perform state-of-the-art comprehensive hearing evaluations, including complete pure-tone testing via head phones or insert ear phones and a bone oscillator to determine your hearing thresholds at each frequency speech sounds are heard at. 

A full speech discrimination evaluation is also performed to determine your ability to understand speech and also find your speech comfort and discomfort levels.  We do this evaluation at levels that normal conversational levels occur at and then at an amplified level (where you prefer to hear comfortably).  This helps us predict if the amplified level increases your speech understanding ability.  It helps us determine if hearing instruments would be of benefit for you. 

Finally, a HINT (Hearing In Noise Test) provides an assessment of your ability to understand speech in noise.  This particular evaluation will help us determine what type of technology you need in order to maximize your ability to understand speech in noisy situations.  This is the most common complaint of people with hearing loss and with hearing aids!  Remember, louder speech is not necessarily clearer speech!

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